Soft Tissue Regeneration - Reviving Range of Motion with PRP Therapy

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Not able to move quite like you used to? Maybe you can’t throw balls quite as far, reach quite as high into your pantry, twist your wrist quite as deftly during tennis or pinball games, or bend your knees quite as low to greet the adorable toddler in your life.

You’re not alone. About 8.6 million sports- and recreation-related injuries are reported in the U.S. every year, and 40 million Americans suffer from some form of arthritis.

Whether it’s exercise or natural aging that prompted your inflammation and limited your range of motion, you need to regenerate your soft tissues (the tendons, ligaments, muscles, and synovial membranes) that connect, support, or surround your joints.

You may have taken steroids, immunosuppressants, or protein-blockers, which only suppressed immune and inflammation responses in that soft tissue. In other words – they masked your symptoms while your degeneration continued at a quiet, but steady pace toward the end stages which can make risky, expensive surgery inevitable.

What if you could regenerate your damaged tissue, recover your range of motion, and save your money?

You can – if you act in time to tap your body’s natural regenerator: growth factor packed platelet rich plasma.

Whether it’s PRP tendon injection therapy or targeted injection for ligament tears, the sooner you begin, the better your chance of avoiding the function loss and joint deformity that often lead to surgery.

Who doesn’t want to avoid surgery – along with its costs and risks? Even the most successful synovectomy, arthroplasty, and arthrodesis procedures remove damaged tissue – forever. That’s why even orthopedic surgeons are now using PRP for postsurgical repair.

Don’t cut it out – give that tissue a chance. Enter the biologic era by calling us for your PRP therapy consultation at (210) 405-7820.

How do tendons and ligaments regenerate?

Your blood is pulsing with platelets comprising some 800 proteins and molecules – cytokines, chemokines, membrane proteins, metabolites, messenger molecules, and growth factors – which have been clinically documented to stimulate:

  • vasoconstriction (blood pressure increase)
  • angiogenesis (new blood vessel growth)
  • coagulation and hemostasis
  • inflammation response
  • immune response
  • tissue regeneration1

To access these potent healers, our specialists will draw your blood (typically less than two ounces) and centrifuge it for five minutes. Once we’ve isolated your platelets, we’ll disinfect your skin and prepare for injections specific to your needs.

Just as critical as our technology are our precision injection skills. Those platelets must be delivered precisely into your damaged tissue by a steady, experienced hand. This could require from one to six 45 to 90 minute sessions.

Whether it’s injection for tendon repair or injection for ligament tear pain, the healing cascade we stimulate may leave you a bit sore for a day or so. We’ll allow you time to recover, and provide cold compresses if you wish. As with any medical procedure, results will vary depending on your age, genetics, general health, environmental toxins, and follow up care.

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At this moment thousands of Americans are surfing the web trying to figure out how to regenerate ligaments. Every day we hear from callers asking: Can PRP injections help heal a torn tendon? Rotator cuff? Meniscal repair? Yes – we’ve treated them all.

Whether you’re a teenage athlete in need of PRP tendon repair or a retired Baby Boomer who needs to manage arthritis during your world travels, you can tap your own platelets to recover the range of movement your lifestyle demands.

For natural, non-allergenic, autologous (rejection and infection free) healing call us at (210) 405-7820.



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